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Vincent De Moor - Sunflower (Remixes)

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    Disc: 1
    1. Vincent De Moor - Sunflower (Remixes) (Vincent De Moor Rework)
    Disc: 2
    1. Vincent De Moor - Sunflower (Remixes) (Michael De Kooker Classicl Mix)

    A brand new release on More Moor means a big release again! Like the latest heavily supported previous reworks of Vincent de Moor,

    a true gem and sureshot on for the Dancefloors. Vincent de Moor reworked the original himself while the release is backed up with

    2 mixes of Michael de Kooker.#BR#

    Born in Delft, Holland, Vincent started his career as producer in 1993 with titles such as "Enjoy Yourself". Under his nicknames "

    Fix to Fax," "Sidewalk," and "M.Theatre," on the local label "Laser Squad," he produced many floorfillers which began his launch t

    o success. #BR##BR#After starting the label "Funny Vinyl, the people from the "Combined Forces" record label noticed that the prod

    uctions Vincent made were becoming better and his first record under his new label was the proof. In that same period, one of Holl

    and's most famous DJs, Remy, asked him to make a production for his new "Taste-label." His fame skyrocketted soon after. #BR##BR#I

    n 1997 he stormed into the Uk dance charts with his classic trance tune Flowtation, which was released on the prestigious XL Recor

    dings label. In 1998 Vincent returned with the single "Orion City" which is followed by his album "Orion City". 1999 is the year i

    n which the Dutch Trance is blowing up especially in the UK. Vincent teamed up with fellow Dutchman Ferry Corsten and they produce

    d another classic tune: "Veracocha ? Carte Blanche". In 2000 the album "Moor" is released. On this album you can find "Fly Away" w

    hich have been released in Europe as a single, and is one of the more famous titles that Vincent has become known for. #BR##BR#In2

    003, Vincent has brought in a new project: Questia. The project came out on the A State Of Trance label in June, 2003.

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