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Tiesto - Magik 3:Far From Earth

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    Disc: 1
    1. Dj Tiesto - Theme From Norefjell (Magikal Remake)
    2. Maracca - Invocation
    3. Dove Beat - La Paloma (Ocean Remix)
    4. Chicane - Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic Mix)
    5. Alex Whitcombe & Big C - Ice Rain (Solid Sleep's Cyper Rain Mix)
    6. Ayla - Ayla (Original Dj Taucher Mix)
    7. Hidden Sound System - I Know
    8. Hammock Brothers - Sea
    9. Dominion - Lost Without You (Zanzibar Main Room Mix)
    10. Allure - Cruising
    11. Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Cygnus X Mix)
    12. Tekara Ft. Lucy Cotter - Breathe In You (Tekara's M&M Dub)
    13. Classified Project - Ressurection
    14. Scoop - Wings Of Love
    15. Gouryella - Gouryella (Magik Version)
    16. Pob Ft. X-Avia - The Awakening (Quietman Remix)

    This mix represents Tiestos last glimpse of quality. Though I have never held Tiesto as high as many artists, I believe he churned out some quality trance releases in the mid 90s (thinking of the Forbidden Paradise and Lost Treasures mixes), and while he has rarely hit primo status for me, its good for what it attempts and occasionally succeeds. There was a melancholy and unique edge to alot of what he put out, and this release is his last mix where he accomplishes this. After this release, his sound drifted away from any kind of accomplished sound or "edge" and now seems to focus solely on being examples of top trance club hits. Anyways, back to this release. Things start off nicely with Theme From Norefjel, perhaps Tiestos best production to date. From there, we move through several other quality tunes, such as La Paloma, Lost You Somewhere, and some other tracks in that same sound vein. All things considered, this is probably my favorite Tiesto mix, though I have not heard some of the Lost Treasures mixes. I do suggest before passing severe judgement on Tiesto that you give this release a listen, as well as some of his earlier mixes. (dj Kupo, Jun 29,2006)

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