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The Dub Club Night

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    Disc: 1
    1. Megablast feat. Coalman - Listen To Rasta
    2. Pre Fade Listening - Mr Medicine Man
    3. Noiseshaper - The Only Redeemer (Sherwood Dub)
    4. Rob Paine & Zach Eberz - Beating Dub
    5. Jeff Bennett - Day Dreamer
    6. Hakan Lidbo - Trinity
    7. Rockers Hi-Fi - Push Push
    8. Army of One - Revelation Dub
    9. Cool Hipnoise - Kama Kove
    10. The Havana Boys - Paul's Dub
    11. Sly And Robbie meet The Mad Pr - Cool Dude
    12. Max Romeo - Don't Rock My Boat
    13. Nick Holder - Moments in Dub
    14. Dubbyman feat. Gustavo Pilatti - Roots & Culture
    15. Dub Theory meets Dj Nathan - Jah Calling (Dub Theory RMX)
    16. Jon Delerious - Circle Down
    17. Amani vs. Teapot - Future
    18. Makossa & Megablast - Find it
    Disc: 2
    1. Beat Pharmacy - Wata (Original Mix)
    2. Trackheadz - Jah Shall Come
    3. Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Version
    4. Bug In The Bass - How Long Must We Sing The Song
    5. Waldeck - Floater
    6. Jussi-Pekka aka Monoder - 100% Kierätetty Kommarin
    7. Seinan - Lion
    8. Maurizio - M07A
    9. Echologist - Echology
    10. Zeb - Girl from Cuba
    11. Rhythm & Sound - Lightning Storm
    12. Beat Pharmacy - Hot Spot Splash
    13. Trentemoller - Evil Dub
    14. Rhythm & Sound - Let Jah Love Come
    15. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Dilly Dally

    It all began in the late 60s in Jamaica, when it became quite usual to put huge speaker towers on trucks to celebrate each weekend

    parties in the streets.#BR#Everything that underlined the show aspect had to be on stage: drummers, guitarists, horns, etc.#BR#

    #BR#For this the normal instrumental versions on the b-sides of records were not suitable, because the songs did not leave space f

    or additional musicians. That is why the operators of the sound systems made their own reduced instrumental versions. Not more tha

    n bass, a little percussion and some echoed pieces of the original instrumental were left. This was the birth of the dub-plate.

    #BR#The double compilation "The Dub Club Night” presents the most important dub tracks of the last years.#BR#The album is homage t

    o the current Dub, as it is currently featured in the clubs: one of the coolest music styles, that was ever developed.#BR#The A-Si

    de „Bright Side" shows the bright, friendly smiling facet of the dub genre with people like Sly & Robbie, Max Romeo, Nick Holder,

    Jeff Bennett, Hakan Lidbo, Noiseshaper, etc.#BR#Here you will find also the song that was the initial impact on this double CD: „P

    ush Push" by Rockers Hi-Fi.#BR#The B-Side „Dark Side“ is indeed something for true fans of the current dub genre, this is on point

    and rocking. A true warning to the colleagues of the DJ front: the material on the "Dark Side” can only be played at highest volu

    me, if your club has a proper sound system! #BR#Otherwise you will get trouble with the bar keeping section for sure! The bass on

    the "Dark Side” is so evil, that the bottles in the shelves will start shaking. Due to the reason that most club owners get advice

    from the booze supplier and not the DJs before they buy the sound system for the club.#BR#Here you will find them all, the modern

    classics of the style called Dub: Beat Pharmacy, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound, Monoder and Trentemoeller. #BR#Music, that leaves air

    for your own interpretation and is addressing to the intelligent scene as well.#BR#

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