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Swing Style Vol. 2

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    Disc: 1
    1. Richard Cheese - Spider-Man Theme
    2. Hediye Güven - Siyah Sandklarm
    3. Jenny Evans - Alright, OK, You Win
    4. Lu Colombo & Maurizio Swingtet - Gina
    5. Andrew Sisters - Rum & Coca Cola
    6. The Puppini Sisters - Walk Like An Egyptian
    7. Unkle Ho - Kindergarten (Rube Remix)
    8. Will Bradley - Scrub Me Mama
    9. Parov Stelar feat. Gabriella H - Charleston Butterfly (Original Mix)
    10. Analogik & Dunkelbunt - Gypsy Doodle
    11. The Real Tuesday Weld - Cloud Cuckooland
    12. Swing Republic - Taint What You Do
    13. Energie Du Verre - Jitterburg
    14. Bing Crosby - On The Downbeat (Swing Republic-Remix)
    15. Source - Framed Profile
    16. Broadcaster - England
    17. Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Swing
    18. Swing Republic feat. Nat King - Lover Come Back To Me
    19. Bebo Best & The Super Lounge O - This is Jazz (Tantratribe Mix)
    20. Tommy Dorsey - Any Old Thing
    21. David Klein Quintet - My Heart Belongs T Daddy

    It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that Swing!

    And here it comes again on Lola's World Records label: Swing Style Vol. II

    Swing is really an extraordinary music style; it was called "dead" three times in the last 60 years. But now it`s the winner of the year! Emerging from its latest hiatus, "Swing" is the king again, appealing to urbane wit and style. It is embraced with joyous thrill all over the world as a requisite mode just like it's said in the famous jazz standard by Duke Ellington: It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that Swing!

    Now-a-days swing has less than nothing to do with Benny Goodman or Glenn Miller of the 40`s; a style that is now used to imbue for a completely new version of the sound. The funny thing is, this jazz music is mostly positive and cool at the same time. Positive music does sound naive and daft to almost all the critics, but Swing has made them change their mind. You can recycle old Swing classics and combine them with modern sounds to create a brand new Swing track... somehow it always sounds "cool".

    Following the great success of Swing Style Vol. 01, Lola's World Records now releases its second edition of "Swing Style" compiled by the thriving DJ Gülbahar Kültür. Kültür presents an album where each song is exceptionally beautiful and perfectly well put together one after the other. All over the world you find many gifted musicians who are in love with this "old and ever young" music style; so it was really easy to find again 21 new swinging tracks, most of them not released anywhere else previously. Among the artists featured in the album are: the Los Angeles based lounge singer Richard Cheese performing popular rock, rap, heavy metal, and pop songs in Swing band style; Jenny Evans, the winner of the prestigious "Award for Interpretative Arts” of Munich; Andrew Sisters of tremendous popularity particularly of the World War II era when they entertained the Allied forces extensively, volunteering their personal time to sing for and dance with soldiers, sailors and Marines; The Puppini Sisters from Italy, defined as "Retro's futuristic vanguard”; Will Bradley, the American trombonist and bandleader of the late 40s famous for Swing and sweet dance music, as well as boogie woogie songs; Parov Stellar the name instantly recalled for unmistakable sound-mix of Jazz and Swing samples and electronic music from Austria; The Real Tuesday Weld from the UK known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences; Mildred Bailey, the established blues and jazz singer on the east coast of America of the 30s; the great American musicians Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole; Italian movies' "dolce vita” sound master Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra and the Danish production-team Swing Republic, five tracks / remixes of which are included in the sampler.

    Swing Style Vol. II is full of vigorous performances revealing the reverent and eclectic side of the retro-swing revival and demonstrating its interpretation today, as a nucleus of this high spirited and ultra swinging style. So put your dancing-shoes on and don`t forget your sunglasses, ´cause swing is "cool".

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