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Simon & Shaker - Surfaces #1: Plastic

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    Disc: 1
    1. Skylark - Too Much Information (manuel Tur Remix)
    2. Gruber & Nürnberg - Our Feeling
    3. Bukkador & Fishbeck - Sceada
    4. Pole Folder ft Shelley Harland - Radio 101 (Stuart McKeown's Frequency hac)
    5. Guy Gerber - Disorientation
    6. Groove Garcia - Popul Vuh
    7. Robert Nickson - Narc (Simon & Shaker remix)
    8. Nosmo & Kris B - One for the Road 2008
    9. Simon & Shaker pres. Teramik - Last House on the Left
    10. Kos - Womb (Jim Rivers remix)
    11. Chab ft JD Davis - Lonely (Simon & Shaker Class)
    12. Skylark & H2 - Movin' (Joris Voorn's Rejected Rave Du)
    13. King Unique - Sugarhigh (KU 2008 Mix)
    Disc: 2
    1. Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink (Original Live Take)
    2. Simon & Shaker - Surfaces Introbase
    3. Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights (Dubfire's Quiet Storm Mix)
    4. Funkagenda - Together (Marc Marzenit remix)
    5. Dark Providers - Neo (Simon & Shaker Clubstate)
    6. Roland Klinkenberg - [email protected] (Tyler Durden remix)
    7. Minilogue - Space (Roland M.Dill remix)
    8. Christian Smith & John Selway - It's Like That
    9. Simon & Shaker vs Groove Garci - Soultech! (Simon & Shaker remix)
    10. Smith & Selway - Total Departure
    11. Marc De Pulse - Remember 87
    12. Simon & Shaker pres. Teramik - Plastic Upgrades
    13. Roland Klinkenberg & Dj Remy - Jimmy The Saint
    14. Blake Jarell - Kaupas
    15. Dave Seaman - Gobbledygook (Jori Hulkkonen remix)

    They surround us. They create our surroundings and define space. Like physical matter, sound waves create acoustic textures and landscapes, virtual Surfaces that transfer us outside time. 'Surfaces' is the fusion point where sound and matter become one.

    This compilation isn't just a list of tracks blended into one another. 'Surfaces' has been a process, a concept in the making, with a perception that will be transmitted through its creators' sets. And who is behind this all? The untouchable duo Simon & Shaker. These Spanish guys started a journey through music industry, and 50 successful productions later still have their sights fixed to the future. The sound of Simon Garcia and Karim Shaker is one that is hard to define. To some, it might be tech-house, while others describe it as progressive house. But one thing's for sure: it's diverse, catchy, deep and infectious. Their partnership did not only pay off in the studio, but in the DJ booth as well. Simon & Shaker have been able to play around the world, from Tokyo, Montreal, Paris and Miami to Moscow, Verna, Rotterdam, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Jakarta, Oslo, Edinburgh, Madeline, Sofia and the multitude of other cities around the globe including the most important cities in Spain. But more is on the way. Simon & Shaker are reaching out worldwide with their 'Surfaces' World Tour!

    This CD mix is one of the expressions of 'Surfaces'. An impeccable musical selection of sounds overlapping, inspired by materials that make reality tangible. In this first volume of 'Surfaces', Simon & Shaker will enclose every human body cell with pure listening pleasure.

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