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Sean Tyas - Degeneration

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    Disc: 1
    1. Sean Tyas - Vagabond
    2. Sean Tyas - Swarm
    3. Sean Tyas - Diffuse
    4. Sean Tyas - 9am
    5. Sean Tyas - Something In The Way (Original Mix)
    6. Sean Tyas - Rollout
    7. Sean Tyas - Da Doo Da Dah (Original Mix)
    8. Sean Tyas - Start Over (featuring Cindy Zanotta)
    9. Sean Tyas - Hive [A]
    10. Sean Tyas - Reach Out
    11. Sean Tyas - Ambush
    12. Sean Tyas - Way Down In Mexico
    13. Sean Tyas - Kontrast
    14. Sean Tyas - Full Stop
    15. Sean Tyas - Degeneration (Continuous Mix)
    Disc: 2
    1. Sean Tyas - Vagabond (Future Disciple Remix)
    2. Sean Tyas - 9am (Dualitic Remix)
    3. Sean Tyas - Unleash (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
    4. Sean Tyas - Reach Out (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix Edit)
    5. Sean Tyas - Swarm (Eshericks Remix)
    6. Sean Tyas - Ambush (Reaky Remix)
    7. Sean Tyas - Hive (Eddie Bitar Remix)
    8. Sean Tyas - Da Doo Da Dah (John Askew Remix)
    9. Sean Tyas - Now You See (Darren Porter Remix)
    10. Sean Tyas - Way Down In Mexico (Harmonic Rush Remix)
    11. Sean Tyas - Diffuse (Des McMahon Remix)
    12. Sean Tyas - Kontrast (Roger Wilco Remix)

    Highly respected international DJ, studio genius and veteran of the Trance scene Sean Tyas has

    been pioneering cutting edge sounds for the genre for well over a decade. It may therefore come

    as a surprise to learn that Degeneration is his debut artist album.

    Having remixed a diverse range of artists including Armin van Buuren, Moby, Pink, Gareth

    Emery, Dash Berlin and Bloodhound Gang as well as releasing countless critically acclaimed

    hits on the likes of ASOT, WAO138?!, Subculture, Captivating Sounds, VANDIT, Discover,

    Spinnin, Doorn and of course Black Hole.…. Sean Tyas is without doubt a certified member of

    the A list Trance elite.

    Degeneration is the long awaited amalgamation of all sides to this multi talented artist's

    repertoire. A collective representation of everything that makes up the Degenerate sound.

    "I guess I've always been known for a certain style of music but making an artist album was

    always going to be a chance to breach boundaries. Degeneration was therefore my blank

    canvas. No rules or regulations, no genre or bpm limitations. This was me exploring how deep

    the rabbit hole really went."

    As so, after a rollercoaster year in the studio - investing of blood sweat and tears in to each

    meticulously crafted track - we are now proud to present Degeneration. A double album

    showcasing the incredibly ambidextrous abilities of one of the scene's finest talents. A true

    genius and expert scientist of audio manipulation exploring any and all avenues he so desired.

    This is the sound of the Degenerate generation. This is Degeneration. They say the devil is in

    the details. Well in that case prepare yourself - to dance with him - till dawn.

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