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Paul Oakenfold - We Are Planet Perfecto, Vol. 5

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    Disc: 1
    1. Donatello - Story (Donatello & Arnas D Remix)
    2. Krankbrother - When You're Watching Me
    3. Mier - Dreamin (Fractal Architect Remix)
    4. Philthy Chit - People, Places
    5. Alexey Sonar & Sebastian Weiku - Monsoon (Club Mix)
    6. Paul Oakenfold feat. Tawiah - Lonely Ones (Paul Oakenfold Future House Re)
    7. Jolyon Petch - My Heart (2015 eSQUIRE Remix)
    8. Paul Oakenfold & Joyriders fea - The DJ Made Me Stay
    9. Art Deko - I Need You
    10. Paul Oakenfold - Otherside (Future House Remix)
    11. Paul Oakenfold feat. Angela Mc - You Could Be Happy (Paul Oakenfold Future House Re)
    12. Paul Oakenfold & Cassandra Fox - Touch Me (Carl Norén & Swedish Egil Remi)
    13. James Egbert - Underdog
    14. Alex Gaudino & Manufactured Su - Lights Go Out
    15. Art Deko - Liberation
    16. Flynn & Denton - Second Chapter (Gai Barone Remix)
    17. Puremusic - Stars (2015 Rework)
    Disc: 2
    1. Royksopp - I Had This Thing
    2. Dallonte & P.R.O.S.T. - Mason
    3. Otto Knows - Next To Me (Grum Remix)
    4. Philthy Chit - Delerium
    5. Kenneth Thomas feat. Colleen R - The Heart Speaks (Roddy Reynaert Remix)
    6. 2Symmetry - Playground
    7. Mike Efex - Red Sky
    8. Nicky Romero & Vicetone feat. - Let Me Feel (Matty Menck & Basti M Rework)
    9. FiEND.iSH - My House
    10. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johns - Peace Of Mind (Arty Remix)
    11. Cuebrick - Demon (Kago Pengchi Remix)
    12. Johnny Yono - Flux
    13. Will Atkinson pres Darkboy - Walk The Talk
    14. Future Disciple - The Fog
    15. RAM & James Dymond feat. Kim K - End Of Times (Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two Re)
    16. Greg Downey & Bo Bruce - These Hands I Hold (Johnny Yono Remix)
    17. Hibernate feat. Victoria Gydov - Lux Tua (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
    18. Angry Man & Harmonic Rush - Purple Haze
    19. Sylvermay - Redlight
    20. John Graham - Something New (06R Remix)

    There's a party back at Paul's house and you're all invited………


    Paul Oakenfold's respected "We Are Planet Perfecto" annual compilation series returns with - "Back To My House" - an album compiled and mixed after drawing considerable inspiration from Paul's experiences hanging out at some of the coolest private, house, loft, pool and beach parties over the summer season.


    CD1 - "Outside" - represents a deeper, day time, vibe with the sun drenched tone being provided by the likes of The Manufactured Superstars, Krankbrother, Donatello, Philthy Chit, eSQUIRE, Art Deko, Ce Ce Peniston, Gai Barone, Paul Oakenfold (of course) and many more.


    CD2 - “In” - moves the party indoors where the pace increases, the energy builds and the hedonistic atmosphere becomes more rousing, intimate and intense with the help of Above & Beyond, Royksopp, Nicky Romero, Grum, Angry Man, Harmonic Rush, Future Disciple, 2Symmetry, John Graham, Arty and more.


    As is always the case with Paul’s live sets the tracklist on #BTMH refuses to be pigeon holed to any one genre. Seamlessly gliding between progressive, hypnotic, deep house, big room, ambient, full on melodic trance and everything in-between - this latest 5th chapter in the WAPP series is a captivating selection of sounds - immaculately sculpted into a perfect house party soundtrack by the original electronic music icon - Mr. Paul Oakenfold.


    A word from Paul…


    Some of the best times I’ve had recently have been hanging out, DJing a little maybe, but generally being in the moment, soaking it in, at some of the coolest day and night time private house, villa, loft, rooftop, pool or terrace parties.


    Pre club or afterhours - with a lot of these situations it’s usually down to a number of factors - weather, the right people, the right vibe and the right surroundings - but with all of them ultimately - how that day or night pans out is always down to the music.


    The right tracks played at the right time.


    That’s the job of any DJ and some of the best sets I have heard this year have been the guys and girls effortlessly blending moods and providing the beats at uber cool intimate gatherings the world over.


    Too often as a touring DJ do you find yourself going in and out of shows - only really present for the duration of your own set.


    It’s a refreshing experience therefore to allow amazing friends of friends take over the controls for several hours. Journeys from people who are out there living it week in and out - on the dancefloor.


    I feel truly inspired. And truly grateful for the inspiration gained.


    This album is a tribute to those DJs, those experiences and of course the friends that were there to share those moments. Moments so powerful that social media didn’t even get a look in. Sharing a picture or video wasn’t going to explain the last 6 hours.


    And so - stripping away all the fancy artwork, the usual agendas and other tediousness’s here’s my interpretations of what I heard, saw and most importantly - felt.


    CD1 - Outside. Cocktail induced day-time grooving around sun drenched pools, roof tops and terraces. The mix builds and then ends as the sun sets……..

    CD2 - In. Night. Inside. Loud. Close. Intense. Emotional.


    Two mixes for you - from the heart……


    Paul x

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