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Paul Hazendonk - Sound Shifting: Versatility

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    Disc: 1
    1. Doubtingthomas - It Keeps You Occupied While Yo
    2. Thomas Lauren - Perception
    3. Andreas Bergmann - Redeye
    4. Aebeloe - Wait For Me
    5. Furrr & Hazendonk - Het Spierenburg Effect
    6. Aron Duijndam - Kazern
    7.  Lights Electronika - RA (Piek & Thinaik reinterpretatio)
    8.  El Catrin - Fashionably Puffin
    9.  Vozmediano - El Che
    10.  Bas Amro - Sunday Rut
    11. Klankarbeit - Yummie
    12. Rauwkost - Pleasure Pleaser
    13. Alexis Tyrel - Take It Slow 
    14. Boris Ross - Piece Of Mind
    15.  Examine - Be Square
    16. Matador - Blond Slackers
    Disc: 2
    1.  Dual Shaman - The White Rose
    2. Lanny May - Mittelmeer
    3.  North Structure - Unfulfilled Wishes
    4. Blashko - Comeback (Davor O's return to the remix)
    5.  Aebeloe - Manu
    6. PHM - Collapse
    7. Groj - Anges D'Ekhydhia (Cora Novoa remix)
    8.  CardioWave - Long Island
    9.  Luke Mandala & Paul Hazendonk - Sparkle Pony
    10.  Roger Martinez - Moment 
    11.  Egbert - De Minimal Die Nu Hip Is
    12.  Roland M Dill - Chocolate Brain
    13.  Rolando Vallice - The 2nd Argument
    14. Noraj Cue - Mental Violence
    15.  Alessandro Diga & Nappa - April's Sun


    Paul Hazendonk, the unstoppable force behind Manual Music as well as one half of DJ and production duo Furrr & Hazendonk, presents a new double compilation album - Sound Shifting: Versatility.

    The album is released on Manual Music: A multi-faceted music company involved with publishing, distribution and music release across an eclectic range of sublabels.

    A pet project for Hazendonk the album showcases his ability to mix a bundle of new and classic tunes. An artist who claims to be influenced by 'funk, basslines and melodies', this is clearly in evidence here as he deftly curates an impressive collection of tracks.

    There is a noticeable gear change between CD1 and CD2, shifting from funky club grooves to introspective electronica. It's a real 'something for everyone’ selection, illustrating the excellent taste that has helped Hazendonk come so far in the industry.

    CD1 is 'body' and so it is fitting that it has more of a danceable flavour. An accessible and straightforward album, it also gives Hazendonk the opportunity to showcase some of Manual Music's artists, including Examine and Matador. It’s the perfect album to get you in the mood for a night on the tiles, and includes a cheeky showcase of top new Furrr & Hazendonk single Het Spierenburg Effect.

    CD 2 is 'mind' and has more of an introspective vibe. Opening with Dual Shaman’s White Rose - a burst of delightfully atmospheric electronica - this half of the mix has lots to offer those into their deep electronic explorations. That is not to say that it's without its move rave-spirited moments though, like 2008’s De Minimal Die Nu Hip Is from Egbert.

    Body and Mind, like Yin and Yang, is a perfectly balanced duo. On Sound Shifting: Versatility Hazendonk has cherry-picked an epic selection of tunes that should delight hardcore music fans and prove educational to those less familiar with the genres covered.

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