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Oriental Garden Vol.8

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    Disc: 1
    1. MARIA POMIANOWSKA & FRIENDS - Chopin In Persia
    2. NAI BARGHOUTI - Mum, Sing To The Wind
    3. SKRUK & MAHSA VAHDAT - Gleden Ved Ditt Kyss
    4. CHARIS ALEXIOU - Pos Na Po Pos Then’s Agapisa (Album Version)
    5. BLINDNOTE - Como Luna Ilena
    6. ENSEMBLE POLARIS - La Rumba
    7. ÇIGDEM ASLAN - Dervisaki
    8. UP, BUSTLE & OUT ftAMAL MURKUS - Sho Beto’l Ahreh
    9. SABA - Biyo
    10. SYRIANA - Gharibb
    11. SOAP KILLS - Tango
    12. AMIR BAGHIRI - Summer young
    14. RIMA ftDAVID PICCOLO - Touba
    15. THE SHANGHAI RESTORATION PROJE - Babylon Of The Orient
    16. AL LINDRUM & HIS MAGIC HAT - Come Together
    Disc: 2
    1. AMR DIAB - El Liladi
    2. 2BEAT BAND - Donya
    3. RAYAN ftJALAL EL HAMDAOUI - Golou L'mama
    4. BAROBAX ftGAMNO - Baba To Ki Hasti
    5. STEFANI - Izdai Me
    6. CHEB DOUZI - Lala Mariama
    7. WAHID BAYAR - Cheera
    8. SANDRA LIPARI - Bir Dünya
    9. MANSUR ARK - Sen de Bizdensin
    10. CAROLE SAMAHA - Ma Bkhaf
    11. ELISSA - Tesadaq Bmein
    12. MOHAMED REDA - Chahlat Laayani
    13. SIMO ftBERETTA - Shakho Makho
    15. AL-YAMAN - Saraab
    16. COSMIC ORIENT - Camelride (Part 2)

    Lola's World Records is pleased to present the joyful liberation soul overwhelming the Middle East via ORIENTAL GARDEN VOL.8, the cutting-edge collection of hot'n dancey Middle Eastern songs and laid-back grooves of eastern mystique. Like in the earlier seven albums, it is DJ Gülbahar Kültür who harvests the wonderful tracks of the eighth edition of the internationally successful compilation series.

    The double CD album features 32 compelling, rich and fascinating songs portraying a well-chosen collection of top-quality material from both local and globally celebrated artists. First CD of the album titled Farah is choreographed so as to leave the feeling of "joy” which means “Farah” in Arabic. Exotic and blazing sounds are brought together in a joyfully cohesive fashion within the lucid glaze of the western electronica. The Greek Diva Charis Alexiou contemplates wistfully on a broken love in the beautiful track: Pos Na Po Pos Den S`agapisa; the cult group of Lebanon Soapkills takes place in the album with its sensuous song, Tango. A gorgeous dreamy song on longing, Gharibb comes from Syriana and the Russian experimental band Theodor Bastard's brand new song IDU makes its world premiere in Oriental Garden Vol.8.

    Second CD Tahrir, which means liberation in Arabic, is named after the major public town square in downtown Cairo-Egypt, the focal point of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, and a symbol for the Egyptian democracy demonstrations. The CD titled Tahrir features kick-ass songs to propel anyone listening out to the dance-floor. Amr Diab the much-loved face of Egyptian el-geel pop music takes the lead and opens the CD with El Lilady, getting you ready to shake the whole place. Iranian underground pop band Barobax comes up with a nice surprise in Baba To Ki Hasti, the Persian version of Shantel's great song Disco Partizani. Myriama is an awesome sample of Arabic electrohouse music to fill up the club floors, sang by the Moroccan Raï music singer Cheb Douzi. Lebanese musician and actress Carole Samaha invites for a pop flavoured belly-dance session in the title Ma Bkhaf. Singer and fashion icon of Lebanon, Elissa's Tesadak Bemeen is a track of restless energy; where Chahlat Laayani performed by Mohamed Reda, the prince of Arabic music, leaves breathless with great, upbeat tempo...

    And is this all? Surely not: Oriental Garden Vol.8 presents an array of performances that will make you want more for a jubilant sonic party rooted in organic, sensual Middle Eastern sounds that embrace the entire globe through pop and electronica wizardry.

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