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Oriental Garden Vol. 6

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    Disc: 1
    1. Borda & Bunka - For Luis
    2. The Bombay Dub Orchestra - The Berber of Seville
    3. Beata Palya - Szép szemü szeretöm
    4. Harri Kakouli - Bliss Like Gold
    5. Vanessa Ekpenyoung - You and I
    6. No Blues - Ya Dunya
    7. Soha - C'est bien mieux comme ça
    8. Les Boukakes - Marra
    9. Biyouna - Les Coyotes
    10. Norrda - remedy
    11. Quadra Nuevo - Sultana
    12. Faith Erkoc - Mi Amor
    13. Kwal - Ciwara
    14. Think of One - Sharia Orabi
    15. Furat Quadouri - Samiranis
    16. Tigerstyle - Yadhoo
    17. Oriental Star - Ritm Mozaik
    Disc: 2
    1. Assia - Le Prix Pour T'aimer
    2. Jacqes Minas - Essaalni An Raeye
    3. Karuan - Reflections of a Poem
    4. Teodara - shumno li go prava
    5. Gipsy - Benga Beating
    6. Enbe Orkestrasi - Rakkas
    7. Tools feat. Iba - Sexy Cherry
    8. Malik Adouane - Get up
    9. Status Quo - The Oriental
    10. Nomad Soundsystem - Atarashi
    11. Navid & Omid - Bezar Begam
    12. Bole 2 Harlem - Hi Loga
    13. Iskender Paydas - Hey Huy
    14. Balkan Beat Box - Habibi Min Zaman
    15. Giacomo Bondi - Desert Euphoria
    16. Kasbah Rockers - Ayna
    17. U-Cef - Kalzoom (Intra Omri)
    18. Jef Stott - Axis (Evolve)

    The successful compilation series "Oriental Garden” opens its doors widespread for the sixth time, with an ecstatic sonic party deep-rooted in the oriental music tradition and structure, brewed in the au courant flavours of urban western forms.

    Lola's World Records is proud to present the sixth instalment of its successful series Oriental Garden after a hiatus of two years. The DJ of Global Beats and the compiler of all the albums of the Oriental Garden series, referred as "the ambassador of culture” in the press, DJ Gülbahar Kültür is underlining a brand new concept in the sixth edition of the series -one that she observed along the adventure of compiling music from around the world, which she started years ago: different cultures' encounter does not only lead to creativity but is also necessary for creativity, opening up new horizons.

    Oriental Garden Vol.6, holding a mirror to, and as a proof of this truth, predominantly features western artists collaborating with eastern ones to explore the riches of the oriental world, whereas the first five albums of the series mainly presents names from the Arabic/Middle Eastern music scenery. The followers of the "Oriental Garden” series will immediately recognize this new approach.

    All over the world, particularly in recent years, the number of groups and artists making music influenced by oriental/eastern traditions, instruments and structure has increased to a great degree. This may be due to many reasons such as the problems of creativity of the western music world or more positively, what politicians cannot succeed in, musicians have effectively achieved: to terminate the boundaries between the peoples of the world and interweaving bridges.

    Within this context, the title of each CD of the album reflects its content and the tracks are chosen with particular consciousness and care: the first CD named Qantara means "bridge” and the second CD titled Hewar means “dialogue” in Arabic. The works of Arab or North African originated artists living in Europe and all around the world collaborating with western artists is the best example of the meanings of these two words. Some of the artists/groups who have created a great work of fusion, covered in the album are: Soha (France/Algeria), Vanessa Ekpenyong (Germany/Nigeria), Nordda (Sweden/Turkey), Tigerstyle (Scotland/India), Malik Adouana (France/Algeria), Navid & Omid (Iran/Germany), Kasbah Rockers (Morocco/Swiss), U-Chef (UK/Morocco). It is certainly a great delight to listen and dance to the other artists who have made a radiant synthesis of the East and West, with definitely successful songs on Oriental Garden Vol.6.

    Oriental Garden Vol.6 is an open invitation to an exciting journey of pleasure open to sounds of the multi cultural world - an invitation to feel at home in very corner of the world.

    Welcome to 1001 Nights through the tunnel of music!

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