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Lola's New World Classics 2

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    Disc: 1
    1. ANE BRUN - Big In Japan
    2. REBECCA KVIN - Billie Jean
    3. NATACHA ATLAS - It's A Man's World Man's World
    4. JAZZAMOR - Ain't No Sunshine
    5. ORIENTAL NIGHT FEVER - Ring my Bell
    6. LISA BASSENGE & THE Jchestra - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
    7. DAYNEA DEACON - Holding Back The Years
    8. FRED BUCCINI FEAT. ELY BRUNA - I Love You For Sentimental Rea
    9. MARINA CELESTE - Da Da Da
    10. BEBO BEST & THE SUPER LOUNGE O - That’s The Way I like It
    12. SMOMA - The Sweetest Taboo
    13. JEFF CASCARO - Love Will Find A Way
    14. RANDI TYTINGVAG - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
    16. ENRICO MACIAS - Sous Le Ciel De Paris
    Disc: 2
    1. LEX BAXTER - Whatever Lola Wants
    2. HOTEL BUENAVIDA - Slave To Love
    3. FRIEND ‘N FELLOW - Light My Fire
    4. BANDA BRASILEIRA - I Heard It Through The Grapevi
    5. TAPE FIVE - Summertime hw
    6. EROTIC - So Abba
    8. SONIA BREX - A Little Bird
    9. NINA ZILLI - L'amore Verrà
    10. TAPE FIVE - Tequila
    11. BOSSASONIC - Material Girl
    12. DANAKIL FEAT UROY - No, Je Ne Regrette Rie
    13. DYNAMICS - Miracles
    14. RAJATON - Voulez Vous
    15. BART & BAKER - Istanbul
    16. YAS - Stayin' Alive

    Upon the massive ovation given globally to the first album Lolas World Classics where excellent covers of popular hits are brought together in one album by DJ Gulbahar Kultur through Lolas World Records Label, the awesome second volume of the series is released to further present tasteful music.

    'Retro' is the movement of the day and it is no surprise that todays artists use the past as a resource for inspiration: it is a big, wealthy mine of golden pieces. Lolas New World Classics Vol. 2 brings together the most-beloved popular 32 songs of the last fifty years with their soulfully covered versions. An album to trigger memories and to rattle the senses to create a new level of fondness, Lolas New World Classics Vol. 2 is the latest release of DJ Gülbahar Kültür, the wizard of innovative fusion, acclaimed globally for her compilation albums.

    The first CD of the album called Timeless is absolutely true to its name. Opening with Big in Japan, the everlasting hit title of Alphaville in its beautiful version performed by Ane Brun, the line-up is made of Michael Jacksons Billie Jean; James Brown ‘s It's A Man's World; Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine; Anita Wards Ring my Bell; Village Peoples Y.M.C.A; Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Osvaldo Farrés hit song covered almost in all languages; Simply Reds Holding Back the Years; Nat King Coles I Love You For Sentimental Reasons; Da Da Da, the German hit etched on minds since the 80s; KC & The Bands Thats The Way I like It; Serge Gainsbourgs Jukebox; Sades The Sweetest Taboo; Lionel Richies Love Will Find a Way, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, the jazz standard that reminds Marilyn Monroe directly and Sous le Ciel de Paris, the unforgettable song of Édith Piaf. Artists and groups including Natacha Atlas, Enrico Macias, Bebo Best & the Super Lounge Orchestra, Marina Celeste, Rebecca Kvin, Jazzamor, Lisa Bassenge & the J-chestra, Oriental Night Fever, Daynea Deacon, Fred Buccini feat. Ely Bruna, Sugar Rays Flying Fortress, Smoma, Jeff Cascaro and Randi Tyting contribute to this line of best of the bunch covers.

    The second CD of Lolas New World Classics Vol. 2 is called Memories, embracing some greatest songs from great artists and groups like Sarah Vaughan, Bryan Ferry, The Doors, Marvin Gaye, George Gershwin, Prince ABBA, Harvey Brooks, The Supremes, Madonna, The Champs, Édith Piaf, The Jackson Sisters, The Four Lads and Bee Gees. The title Whatever Lola Wants is covered by Lex Baxter followed by the track Slave To Love performed by Hotel Buenavida; Light My Fire by Friend ‘n Fellow; I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Banda Brasileira; Summertime by Tape Five; S.O.S by E-rotic; Kiss by Mo Horizons feat. Marga Munguambe; A Little Bird by Sonia Brex; L'amore Verrà - the Italian version of the song by The Supremes You Cant Hurry Love- by Nina Zilli; Tequila by Tape Five; Material Girl by Bossasonic; Je Ne Regrette Rien by Danakil feat. U-Roy; Miracles by Dynamics; Voulez Vous by Rajaton; Istambul, the famous swing-style song of 1929, by Bart & Baker and Bee Gees song from Saturday Night Fever motion picture soundtrack Stayin Alive by Yas.

    Lolas New World Classics Vol. 2 is a mellow, urbane album compiled from the acres of memories and emotions: you will want to listen over and over...

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