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Klangmeister - The Birth

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    Disc: 1
    1. Francisco & Nacho Sotomayor - Summer Song
    2. Amanaska - Floating Downstream
    3. Banco De Gaia - Flow My Dreams, The Android We
    4. Satoshi Fumi - Sweet Sensation (Info Remix)
    5. Ganga - You Are My Sun
    6. Sunset Blvd - (Came From) Shea Town
    7. Mato Vs 26 Pinel - Lejos De Aqui
    8. Green Point Orcestra - Tango
    9. Isis Project - La Muscade
    10. Orange Factory - The Windmills Of Your Mind
    11. Conjure One - Pilgrimage
    12. Odeon - Odeon
    13. Ambra - The Eye Of The Storm
    14. Chris Spheeris - Marionette

    With his debut compilation "The Birth” the musical maestro known as 'Klangmeister' presents his first masterpiece to the listener. The overall work comprises four parts.

    In "The Birth”, he combines varied musical styles to create an exceptional musical journey through numerous world cultures.

    Invigorating jazzy sounds, hypnotic tango electrónico and funky grooves encounter energising ethnorhythms. Mystic tones, seemingly from other worlds, flow together into an artistic theatre of emotions that revitalises the listener's soul.

    And this is precisely what makes this different from everything that has gone before.

    Because 'Klangmeister' knows about the enormous effects of the musical vibrations on the listener, and deliberately applies this knowledge in "The Birth”.

    He shares his experiences with recognised scientists, philosophers and free-thinkers, who for thousands of years have been publishing their teachings and texts about the phenomenon of vibration frequencies.

    Vibrations are the basis of the entire universe. It is they that act upon our lives, our feelings, our mood.

    They are the cosmic mathematical impulse behind all music.

    They are the reason why music can so simply reflect and generate emotions.

    'Klangmeister' filters the pure and positively stimulating vibrations out of all the music available in the entire world.

    These vibrations penetrate the listener and through their perfect selection materialise the music into a feeling that pours love, joy and development into life.

    This type of musical juxtaposition allows a distinct change in the listener himself, palpably improving his quality of life.

    The passive process of listening is thus transformed into an active, positive impulse to life that vibrates on for hours or days.

    Quite independently of the music's mode of effect, "The Birth” is a refreshing compilation with a selection of tracks that are simply fun, and which are experienced anew with every listening. Enjoy it! You are certain to have a good time. We promise!

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