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John Acquaviva - From Saturday To Sunday 5

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    Disc: 1
    1. Hatiras - Chaos Bringer (Hard As F*ck Mix)
    2. Mile High Klub - People Mover
    3. Dariush - Ira (Original Mix)
    4. Oliver Klein ft. Tom Hingley - Shakedown (Shakedub)
    5. Danilo Vigorito - Re-Frame
    6. Zoo Brasil - Wow!
    7. Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden (John Acquaviva Re-Edit)
    8. Josh Wink - Oakish
    9. Caspian Rabone - Humidity
    10. Fabrice K - R U Mad
    11. DJ Dimas - The Third Dimension
    12. Groovemaster K & Daniel Garcia - Voices
    13. Richard Gery pres. King Master - Drummer Madness
    14. Copyright ft. Shovell - Bulo
    15. Antoinne Clamaran pres. Zoo - Fever
    16. Chris Anderson - Funk-O-Meter
    Disc: 2
    1. Freaks - The Creeps (Steve Bug Mix)
    2. Matthew Dear - Dog Day's
    3. John Acquaviva pres. - Lord Of The Bling
    4. Sharam Jay - Up Rock
    5. Gabro & Libe - I Can Be This (Instrumental Mix)
    6. Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Justin Robertson Mix)
    7. Percy Filth - Show Me Your Monkey (Side Punkers Cheetah Mix)
    8. Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)
    9. Abteilung Ton - Wir Tanzen
    10. Moonbootica - We 1,2 Rock
    11. Sandy Rivera - Dreams
    12. Rozzo - Blue
    13. Pan / Tone - Smut
    14. Tony Rojas & Marcus Cruz - I Love You

    This June the long awaited fifth edition of the legendary ‚From Saturday to Sunday" series will be released. The collaboration

    between Clubstar and John Acquaviva began in the year 1999.

    John Acquaviva released together with the successful swiss DJ & producer Jamie Lewis the ‚in the mix" CD.

    In the year 2000 the concept to the ‚From Saturday to Sunday" series was developed and realised. The idea was to capture the

    different styles of sound during a weekend on a double cd.

    Who would be more suitable than the pioneer John Acquaviva, who wrote together with Ritchie Hawtin and their labels Plus 8 &

    Definitive house- and techno- history and also owns the biggest record-collection of all top DJs. His collection contains

    releasese of the most different styles and he owns most of the vinyl twice. These reasons and his Dies und seine uncontested

    position under the top Djs of this planet predestinated John Acquaviva for the cooperation with Clubstar to realise this concept.

    The double-cd should represent the most different styles of electronic music, which a club-head meets during a weekend.

    On the first Cd of this serie ‚Saturday" , John Acquaviva mixes driving techno, as you can witness saturday nights in the best

    clubs around the world.

    On the second CD ‚Sunday" John Acquaviva keeps the sound a little smoother, housy, as you would expect it sundays at an afterhour.

    John Acauqviva`s perfect technic and his brilliant track choice are the reason why ‚from saturday to sunday" has as many fans in

    the techno-community as in the house-community and made the four released editions of the series internationally successful.

    On the first four CDs there were tracks by e.g. Samuel Session, Christian Morgenstern, Pascal F.e.o.s., Der dritte Raum, Joe T

    Vanelli, Dj Pippi, Laurent Garnier, DJ Spen, Plastikman, Gene Farris, Jamie Lewis, Dj Pierre, Marco Bailey, Slam, Secret Cinema,

    Manacha,Chus & Ceballos, Daniel Garcia, Drax, Groovemaster K & Frank Starr, Paul Jackson and Freeform Five.

    On ‚From Saturday to Sunday Volume 5 John Acquaviva sticks with the concept.

    CD 1 : Reflects a saturday clubnight, with pumping, techy and house sounds and tracks by e.g. Hatiras, Josh Wink, Richard Grey,

    Antoine Clamaran and Groovemaster K & Daniel Garcia. Also John Acquaviva`s Re-Edit of Alex Dolby`s ‚Psiko Garden" isn`t missing.

    CD 2 : The sunday side, is mixed brillaint aswell and connects different styles like it was a usual thing, according to the slogan

    ‚there is no difference in our house".

    John Acquaviva mixes the sound of the hour by artists like Chicken Lips, Freaks (Steve Bug Remix), Sandy Rivera and the german

    house/electro newcomers Moonbootica and promises a luxurious soundclash. John Acquaviva is also on Disc 2 with one of his tracks

    with the wicked name ‚Lord of the bling". Like always he sets trends and instructs all purists that not the size but the mixture


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