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Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magenta

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    Disc: 1
    1. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Rush (ft. Lo-Fi Sugar)
    2. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Love Will Bring It All Around (with Eric Lumiera)
    3. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Stars (ft. Linnea Schossow)
    4. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Illusion (ft. Stephen Pickup)
    5. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Cold Flame
    6. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Gave (ft. Seri)
    7. Giuseppe Ottaviani - I Am You Shadow (with Audio Cells)
    8. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Nothing Wrong (ft. Faith)
    9. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Feel The Music
    10. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Heal This Empty Heart (ft. Alana Aldea)
    11. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Waterpark
    12. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Waiting On Someday (ft. Vitamin B)
    13. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Brilliant People (with Aly & Fila)
    14. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Walk This World With Me (ft. Audrey Gallagher)
    15. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Magenta (with Ferry Corsten)

    At the end of the last decade, to the collective delight of his fans and the dance press, former

    Nu-Nrg-ist Giuseppe Ottaviani released his freshman solo album ‘GO!’ A full four years in the

    perfecting, Ottaviani’s highly anticipated follow-up is here and primed to colour your mind

    ‘Magenta’. Carrying studio team-ups with fellow tranceologists Ferry Corsten and Aly & Fila, and

    supported by a stellar chorus line of vocalists (Eric Lumiere, Audrey Gallagher, Linnea

    Schössow, Lo-Fi Sugar and Seri among them), the trance kingpin’s ready to wow again. Prepare

    to embrace all the shades, degrees, tones and meanings of ‘Magenta’.

    Comprising 15 new tracks from the studio of Italy’s foremost trance composer, his second artist

    album overtures with ‘Rush’. Imploringly vocalled by Lo-Fi Sugar, its transcendental breakbeat

    kick emits ‘Magenta’s first hue. With ‘Love Will Bring It All Around’ - the album’s lead single -

    Giuseppe radiates a more trance-progressive ethic. Locked around thunderous drums, tight,

    stripped-back percussion loops and mood-fuelling atmospherics, it paves the way for Eric

    Lumiere’s one-world lyrics. Scooping Armin van Buuren’s Tune of the Week on A State of

    Trance 608, the single’s also brought plaudits from the dance press. Giving it their June Single of

    the Month award, MIXMAG called it “sinuous, brooding and appreciably complex”, while DJ Mag

    said: “Eric Lumiere’s vocal gives this track its light-bulb moment.”

    On the concept of his sophomore album, Giuseppe says: “The colour Magenta represents

    universal love at its highest level. The album’s concept is exactly that. Music intended to promote

    the very same essence the colour does.”

    ‘Magenta’ stimulates Spirituality… on ‘Stars’ Giuseppe’s supplies the track with one of his

    trademark high-octane production engines – one that leaves a floor-impression crater-deep.

    Swedish starlet Linnea Schössow counterbalances its ferocity with a sky gazing, spellbinding

    vocal arc that stretches to the heavens. Deeper into the album Ottaviani demonstrates that vocal

    lightning can strike twice as he re-teams with two of his ‘GO!’ album alumni. Stephen Pickup’s

    vocal on ‘Illusion’ fleetingly splices a rock-ish gene into the album. Backed by Giuseppe’s

    miasma-like harmonics meanwhile, Faith’s entrancing turn on ‘Nothing Wrong’ burns up the


    “Magenta is the colour of the free spirit. It pushes you to take responsibility for creating your own

    path in life” – EmpowerYourselfWithColour.com

    Magenta is Non-conformist… without letting the pace drop for a second, in solo mode Giuseppe

    expands ‘Magenta’ musical remit. On ‘Cold Flame’ he pumps the distortion pedal hard, working

    in electro-lining sounds and FX. ‘Feel The Music’ meanwhile riffs off the modulating acidic churn

    of ‘Hardtrance Acperience’, climactically boiling its 303 to mercury-popping levels. Elsewhere

    ‘Waterpark’ provides one of ‘Magenta’s many ‘come-together’ festival moments.

    Magenta conveys Balance… the album’s transcendental heartland lies in its mid-section.

    Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Alana Aldea runs the tone deep on ‘Heal This Empty Heart’,

    whilst Audrey Gallagher lends her bewitching, highly recognisable Gaelic inflection to ‘Walk This

    World With Me’.

    Magenta Universal… Entering the end-zone ‘Magenta’ lines up its co-pro big guns. Uniting the

    atomising studio personas of Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani, ‘Brilliant People’ uses beatific,

    ever-shifting female harmonics to dizzying effect. The album’s closeout sees Ferry Corsten &

    Giuseppe collectively use symphonic strings and crowd-igniting pitch-bends, artfully interplayed

    with melodic redolence and air-slicing synths to fashion the infectious future anthem ‘Magenta’.

    Giuseppe Ottaviani has delivered the pitch-perfect ‘GO!’ sequel - a consummate long-player

    whose panoramic studio-ware will draw you in… and keep you there for the duration. Not simply

    EDM, moreover immersive, surround-sound 3DM, this summer’s colour… is ‘Magenta’.

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