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George Acosta - Visions Behind Expressions

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    Disc: 1
    1. George Acosta - Intro The Way She Loves (featuring Fisher )
    2. George Acosta - Love Rain Down (featuring Fisher)
    3. George Acosta - Nothing You’ve Ever Seen (featuring May Britt)
    4. George Acosta - Break Me Down (featuring Fisher)
    5. George Acosta - Something About You (featuring Terry Bennett)
    6. George Acosta - Beautiful (featuring Fisher)
    7. George Acosta - Never Fear (featuring Emma Lock)
    8. George Acosta - Falling Deep (featuring Emma Lock)
    9. George Acosta - Tearing Me Apart (featuring Fisher)
    10. George Acosta - True Love (featuring Fisher)
    11. George Acosta - Crystalline
    12. George Acosta - The Way She Loves (featuring Fisher)
    13. George Acosta - Things Are Not The Way They Us (vs)
    14. George Acosta - Round The Clock (featuring Jerique Allan)

    MIAMI, FL (December 21st, 2010) From the moment he steps onstage or into a DJ booth, Miami's GEORGE ACOSTA is in control of the audience's vibrations. After 14 plus years as a successful 'trance' DJ and producer, ACOSTA releases this second and hugely anticipated full-length studio album, VISIONS BEHIND EXPRESSIONS (BLACK HOLE), on February 21st, 2011. Featuring 14 original productions the majority of the tunes spotlighting vocalists including Fisher, May Britt, Terry Bennett, Emma Lock and Jerique Allan – the music on VISIONS BEHIND EXPRESSIONS is every bit at home on a shivering dancefloor as it is emanating from a thudding car stereo.

    From the radio-ready pop enthusiasm of 'Nothing You've Ever Seen' and the bubbly synths of 'Break Me Down,' to the emotion-tugging expanse of 'Falling Deep' and the soaring stabs of 'True Love,' VISIONS BEHIND EXPRESSIONS straddles the line between what's considered 'house' and 'trance' in the EDM (electronic dance music) genre. Although the tunes on this album have definite crossover appeal, true club-goers will be also be satisfied with the more underground tracks, like, 'Crystalline,' with its filthy horns and hard-hitting 4/4, and 'Things Are Not The Way They Used To Be' featuring Gerry Cueto.

    Originating from Cuba and a long-time resident of Miami, GEORGE ACOSTA is a self-proclaimed workaholic. Voted by the readers of DJ Times Magazine as 'America's Best DJ' in 2007, ACOSTA had his first taste of commercial success with the platinum-selling 'Set You Free' in 1996 under his Planet Soul alias. With the launch of his Aco Music digital imprint in 2009, ACOSTA continues to bring his sound to dancefloors and airwaves around the world. As of New Year's 2010-11, ACOSTA's weekly 'Lost World' radio show has surpassed its 337th episode on Sirius XM Radio in the U.S. For GEORGE ACOSTA, rest is not an option.

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