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Emilio Fernandez - Suite 16

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    Disc: 1
    1. Emilio Fernandez - Set Me Free (ft. Deep n Pure)
    2. Emilio Fernandez - Reynosa
    3. Emilio Fernandez - Closer To Me (ft. Jones)
    4. Emilio Fernandez - Speculations
    5. Emilio Fernandez - A Wet Summernight (ft. Simple Symphonys)
    6. Emilio Fernandez - Like You (ft. Jennifer Batten)
    7. Emilio Fernandez - Shake Your Disco (& Sam Obernik)
    8. Emilio Fernandez - Demure
    9. Emilio Fernandez - Diggin This Feelin (with DJ Feel)
    10. Emilio Fernandez - Suite 16
    11. Emilio Fernandez - Move Your Body (ft. Fast Eddie)
    12. Emilio Fernandez - Play

    Emilio Fernandez releases debut artist album “Suite 16”

    Seemingly out of nowhere, the electronic dance scene saw a new name skyrocket to the

    tops of the charts in the summer of 2008: Emilio Fernandez. The elusive artist turned out

    to be the man behind the world smash “Reynosa”. Supported by all the ruling names in

    the industry, the single became one of the biggest summer hits of that season. Within a

    very short period of time the name Emilio Fernandez was carved in rock, leading to

    remixes of “Arabian Queen” by Kimito Lopez and “Till We See The Sun” by Blake Lewis.

    Emilio’s follow up singles “Let It Go”, “Saltillo” and “Closer To Me” continued the

    success and now after two years of hard work he unveils his debut artist album “Suite


    After the success of “Reynosa”, “Let It Go” and “Saltillo”, Emilio started the painstaking process

    of writing new material, having set the goal to deliver a full-length artist album. Turning his ideas

    into rudimental backing tracks, stock-piling demo after demo, he eventually had enough titles to

    start the recording sessions for “Suite 16”, but found himself in limbo on how to take up the

    massive task. One thing was clear though: for the conception of “Reynosa”, Emilio had turned to

    Scottish producer Andy Duguid, who undoubtedly had turned his visions into a massive floor

    filler. Putting one and one together, Fernandez once again got in touch with Andy who gladly

    accepted the production assignment for what would become “Suite 16”.

    In a recent interview about his new long player, Emilio explained why he got in touch with Andy

    Duguid again: “Working on an album at times means that you’ll find yourself in the midst of a

    painful process in which you compose and set up demos without ever being completely satisfied

    with what you just created. Engineering the tracks was no problem, but I needed a producer with

    the skills to mould them into what I really had in mind. That was the moment I knew it was time

    to contact Andy. After all, he had turned my basic setup of “Reynosa” into a true gem and after

    several emails and phone calls, Andy agreed to produce my album.” Once the two got together,

    they reworked all the demos into workable backing tracks and finalized the blueprint that would

    create the album with an attractive and equal balance of vocal and instrumental titles.

    Opening the album in a relaxed, mellow fashion with “Set Me Free”, we seamlessly swing

    towards Emilio’s hit singles “Reynosa” and “Closer To Me”, which features the vocals of Jones.

    The lyrics for the song were written by multi gold and platinum winning songwriter Curtis Richa.

    Rocking the joint further with the tribal sounds of “Speculations” and the old skool feel of “Wet

    Summernight”, it is on the instrumental “Like You” where we meet Jennifer Batten; the world

    famous female guitarist known for her seminal appearances on Michael Jackson’s Bad,

    Dangerous and HIStory tours.

    “Shake Your Disco” was recorded with Sam Obernik (of Tim Deluxe fame) and lays the

    foundations for the straight up club sounds of “Demure” and “Diggin’ This Feeling”; a collab with

    DJ Feel. After the title track Emilio invites one more hero, the legendary hiphouse pioneer Fast

    Eddie, to deliver his raps on “Move Your Body”. Concluding the track list with “Play”, Emilio ends

    on a jazzy note with the unique piano work of Wouter Verwaal, coming full circle from where the

    first title began the journey.

    “Suite 16” is not just the highly anticipated debut album by Emilio Fernandez, but also an

    incredible tour de force that loosely moves from soulful to slightly funky with a subtle old skool

    twist and a drive that defines his ambitions as an artist. Overseen by Andy Duguid, “Suite 16” by

    Emilio Fernandez has been appointed to control this year's summer charts.

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