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€ 14.99

  • Format: CD 2X
    Release date: Fri, 4 Apr 2014
    Genre: Chill out
  • Label: Armada Music
    Catalogue number: Arma381
    Barcode: 8718522038976

Various ArtistsArmada Sunset

As the old saying goes… "It's 5 o'clock somewhere". In this great big world of ours, it's also always sunset on a warm beach somewhere. Whether you're lucky enough to be there right now, have a vacation planned in the not-too-distant future, or whether you're just looking forward to summer, the 'Armada Sunset' compilation is two brilliant sets of the feeling we know and crave.

The double set will instantly transport your body and soul to the twilight hours of your fondest memories, and it's the perfect representation of that transient moment between day and night. Expertly straddling the border between relaxed and intense, 'Armada Sunset' perfectly encapsulates the transition - the merging of two different worlds.

The first set keeps the vibe chilled out and slow, with plenty of low-tempo tunes to awaken the senses. The Rodg chill out mix of Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora's 'Waiting for the Night' is the mix getting into full swing, as it begins to pick up emotional steam. With stellar contributions from Lustral (I Feel You), deep techy edge in 'Party Like 2999', and the genuine vocal beauty of Parra For Cuva feat. Anna Naklab's 'True Thoughts', there's plenty of variety and enchantment to entice and relax the busy mind.

The second set begins with the moody tableau of Paul Valentin's Sommeil, a subdued track with unspeakable volumes of buried intensity. JK Soul's 'C' brings back the old-school swing, keeping the atmosphere fresh and light. 'Morning Light' rounds out the eclectic nature of the second set, which makes extensive use of vibrant and creative textures and styles. Matt Lange and Booka Shade also make noteworthy experiences, as the set draws ever nearer to its triumphant finish.

'Armada Sunset' is a strong reminder of just how diverse, captivating, and unique the music of today’s most inspiring producers can be. In a sense, there's little that binds these records together other than a flawless DJ mix. 'Armada Sunset' is the sublime representation of the mixture of emotions that are present at the end of each and every beautiful day.


Disc 1
  1. Eddie Shinn - Wayfaring
  2. KRONO feat. VanJess - Redlight
  3. Fawn vs Digital Sixable - Where Has Your Love Gone
  4. Cucumbers - Don't Want To Be (Nu Media After Hour Remix)
  5. Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora - Waiting For The Night (Rodg Chill Mix)
  6. Stereoclip - Easy Field
  7. Nu - Man-O-To
  8. Rodg - Life Is Life (Chill Mix)
  9. KANT - Never You Mind
  10. Framework - As If
  11. AIMES - Give It To Me
  12. Man & Master - Party Like 2999 (Original Dino Lenny Mix)
  13. Nolan feat. Amber Jolene - Everyday & Everynight (KANT Remix)
  14. Andrea Fissore - The Place I Know
  15. Parra For Cuva - True Thoughts
  16. Lustral - I Feel You

Disc 2
  1. Paul Valentin ft. Veronique - Sommeil
  2. Gorgon City feat. Yasmin - Real
  3. JK Soul - C
  4. Mr FijiWiji feat. CoMa - Cynical
  5. Naden - Snow In Cairo
  6. Marco Darko & Shimmer - Always
  7. Parra For Cuva - The Fifth Hand
  8. Sans Souci - Morning Light
  9. Roy RosenfelD - Fields
  10. John Monkman - Now Or Never
  11. Paul C & Paolo Martini ft Mous - The Race
  12. Stumbleine - Nicotina
  13. Matt Lange - So Cliche
  14. Rashid Ajami & Jerome Robins - Unstoppable (Tube & Berger Remix)
  15. L'Aquarium - We Are The Robots (12" Version)
  16. Booka Shade ft Fritz Helder - Love Drug

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