Welcome to the brand new Armada Music Shop

Welcome to our new shop!

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  • By Maarten Luijt

Dear visitor,


Welcome to our new webpage. Our new web shop offers a full responsive design for a pleasurable browsing experience on mobile, tablet and desktop.


We have upgraded our search and recommended products functionality to offer the products which match to your personal taste even better. In the next few weeks, we will add more bells and whistles to offer you the best shopping experience.


Please note that your account details have not been transferred to this shop. Consequently, you are required to enter your address details again during checkout.


If you have ordered in our previous shop, you can still check your backorders there until all of your products have been supplied. The old website will remain active on old.armadamusicshop.com for the next few weeks.


Though we’ve changed quite a bit, we have also stayed the same! We are still the same enthusiastic Armadamusicshop team and we continue to offer the best support available!


Enjoy our new shop,


The armadamusicshop team.

Denise, Vincent, Robert, Sharon, Rob, Maarten.


Please click here to visit our support page if you have any questions.


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