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Babylon Bar

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    Disc: 1
    1. Claude Chalhoub - Diva
    2. Amal Markus - La Ahada Yalam
    3. Moroccan Spirit - Moroccan Soul
    4. Sainkho Namtchylak - Naked Spirit
    5. Mari Boine - Boadan Nuppi Bealde
    6. Volkan Gucer - Depression
    7. Anima Sound System - Csillagtalan
    8. Celloman - Trouble with Gold
    9. Christophe Goze - For Your Love
    10. Nitin Sahwney - Shadowland
    11. Up, Bustle & Up - Ben seni sevdugumi
    12. Mahala Rai Banda - Morceau d'amour
    13. Saban Bajromavic - Pelno Me Sam
    14. Julide Ozcelek - Yalan Dünya
    15. Wagih Aziz - Loo Trooh
    16. Elephant Castle - Marmor
    17. Denolog - The Eclipse
    Disc: 2
    1. Rabih Aboul kalih - A Gracious Man
    2. Mira - Bir gün gelir
    3. Anemos - Astro mou (My star)
    4. Cem adrian - Winter
    5. Yonderboi - Amor
    6. Imam - Poso Lipame
    7. Nitin Sahwney - My Soul
    8. Puya Mahmoodi - Sare Koohe Boland
    9. Ramesh B. Weeratunga - Shah Jehan
    10. Merge of Equals - Buddha Day
    11. Thievery Corporation - 33 degree
    12. Celt Islam - Dervish
    13. Bebo Best - Out of myself
    14. Yulduz Usmonova - I wish you were here
    15. -

    Babylon, a place of innumerable myths and legends, is a metaphor of cultural traditions and symbol for cultural heritage of long ago. The Tower of Babel reminds of the maze of tongues.

    'Babylon Bar', the new album of DJ Gülbahar Kültür, released by Lola's World Records, is playing with these associations. It's a fascinating combination of varying stylistic features, having their origin in classic European and Oriental tradition.

    Unusual arrangements create the sound of the first CD "Healing me softly" with wistful melancholy songs. Claude Chalhoub, a classic musician born in Beirut, who loves Paganini and Liszt, emphasizes great emotions with piano and violin. Amal Murkus takes us with her sensuos voice into Arabian seraglios. Listening to Sainkho Namtchylak feat. Djivan Gasparyan with "Naked Spirit" you can withdraw wonderfully into your cozy sofa corner, light a joss stick, close your eyes and enjoy the magic strains.

    The Sami musician Marie Boine sees herself as a cultural ambassador of her people, the original inhabitants of Lapland. Wonderfully arranged musical pictures tell stories of the ardent desire of the Sami for respect and recognition.

    The second CD "This gentle feeling" is more rhythmical and exciting. Imam Baildi represents the traditional Greek songs with modern sound. Rabih Abou-Khalil is a crossover artist. He composes Jazz and Arabian sounds to a mysterious and exotic musical mixture, basing on the play of the traditional oud, the oriental lute.

    The Uzbekistan Yulduz Usmanova, who started her musical career as singer on weddings, is meanwhile a star in the scene of world music. She combines oriental-Turkish melody patterns with Asian elements accompanied by great orchestras. Nitin Sawhney moves in a multicultural shadowland, as British musician of Indian origin, he deals with the political aspects of migration and is searching for the spiritual kinship with Paul McCartney and Ojos de Bruho.

    "Babylon Bar" creates a common bond between East and West, Europe and Asia, Arabia and America, from France and Spain to Armenia and Turkey. Large orchestra passages meet up with puristic rhythm and oriental arabesques for a journey to the world of feelings. Gülbahar Kültür gives a specific interpretation to this mystic Babylon as a place of coexistence of many different nations and cultures, getting along together in a friendly way, brought together by the universal language of music.

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