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Alpha Twins - Nowhere To Hide

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    Disc: 1
    1. Alpha² - Nowhere To Hide
    Disc: 2
    1. Alpha² - In Time

    First release on brandnew hardstyle label "Alpha² Records". These guys have proven themselves for over 10 years now. Spinning on t

    he biggest parties around the globe. Their previous releases have been on labels as, Q-dance, Paint It Black, Blutonium, SYS-X, My

    thica. Now it's time for their first release on their own label. Nowhere To Hide and In Time, which is a collaboration with MC Rem

    s. #BR#This label will bring you hard and raw high quality hardstyle as this is what the Alpha² are famous for.

    They call themselves "Alpha²” but despite this name the brothers Arjen and Anco are no twins at all. Yet behind the turntables the

    two will strike you as being identical Twins, because of their similar taste in music and mutual agreement. Although Arjen and Anc

    o were born and bred in the cheese town of Edam, their pounding and banging hardstyle is far from "cheesy”.#BR# #BR#The Alpha² sta

    rted as residents at the Qlubtempo parties in Zaandam. This was their breakthrough for a large group of people. In these performan

    ces they've showed that "Alpha²” is synonym to rough hardstyle. Soon a lot of bookings throughout the country would follow. #BR#

    #BR#After their first release (2003 Qlubtempo E.P.), we saw the release of "Rock The Sure Shot” on Blutonium in 2004 followed a ye

    ar later by "Sick MF” on Sys-x. Although the two bothers didn't see the studio from the inside too often, 2006 promises to be then

    ew start in their producers career. 'We're building our own studio, because we understand the importance of making tracks. And not

    hing beats the thrill of playing your own stuff at a party and see the people on the dancefloor go mental on it.'#BR##BR#Althought

    hey already played at DefQon 1 (Almere) in 2003 and 2004 and In Qontrol (Amsterdam) in 2004, in 2005 Alpha² celebrated their break

    through in hardstyle-country Holland, since they performed at a few leading dance-events for massive crowds. The gig at the gigant

    ic open-air festival DefQon 1, playing on the huge Q-stage at Mystery Land and hosting their own bunker at Q-Base were highlights,

    but performing on the mainstage of Qlimax is one of the highest goals one can reach. In the same year Alpha² were booked abroadqu

    ite a few times and Arjen and Anco travelled to Swiss, Spain, Germany, France, Poland and Sweden. #BR#

    Zany, Technoboy, Luna, Zatox, MindHunterz, Brainkicker, Wildstylez, Josh & Wesz, Trilok & Chiren, B-Front#BR#

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