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Alex Hentze - Simetria De Sosiego

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    Disc: 1
    1. Alex Hentze - When I'm With You (Interlude)
    2. Alex Hentze - Young Again (Ft Isabel Canjura & Federico F)
    3. Alex Hentze - I Didnt Reach
    4. Alex Hentze - I Don't Care
    5. Alex Hentze - I Don't Read Books
    6. Alex Hentze - First To This
    7. Alex Hentze - Your Colors (Interlude)
    8. Alex Hentze - Vibrant Sun
    9. Alex Hentze - Planing
    10. Alex Hentze - Remember The Lake
    11. Alex Hentze - En la Pecera (Interlude)
    12. Alex Hentze - Here We Go Again (Ft Isabel Canjura)
    13. Alex Hentze - Watercolors
    14. Alex Hentze - Ayahuasca (Interlude)

    Guatemalan hero Alex Hentze is set to release his first long-player on the Mysterious Plasma Torus label. After the stunning offerings in the previous release

    After a beautiful interlude of elastic strings and guitars in 'When I'm With You,' we're met by a blanket of crackle and warmth in 'Young Again' where airy guitars and glocks encas Isabel Canjura & Federico Franco's ethereal vocals.

    'I Didn't Reach' builds slowly with tuned percussion, delayed and processed as it grows, dropping into a tight swung groove over a slick bassline. This is followed nicely by the powerful beat of I' Don't Care,' rich with fuzzy arpeggio lines and a warming, otherworldly atmosphere.

    'I Don't Read Books' begins with swathes of breath-like synths and Hentze's enveloping percussive melodies leading into a swung bass and drums combo before dropping out and entirely to introduce a Middle-Eastern plucked lead, then falling back into the beat. Lovely. Bass is the key to the next track 'First To This.' Enveloping sub-frequencies and fuzzed rhythm guitar operate below haunting digital detritus and indistinguishable, yet beautiful harmonic material, melting into one big melodious sea.

    the second interlude of the album, 'your Colours' brings back memories of childhood beach explorations with the washing waves and children chattering around some stunning keys form Hentze. 'Vibrant Sun' kicks off part two with suspenseful harmonic feedback and an atonal, wavering synth line. The beat drops and equilibrium returns and we sink deeper into Henzte's musical psyche.

    'Planing' finds the perfect balance between warm wooden percussive tones and crisp synth leads, switching up rhythms and tempos like it was yesterday; a true delight for the ears. 'Remember The Lake' immerses in crystalline frequencies and glitched harmonics before dropping a solid beat and bass line that you'll be coming back to again and again.

    Interlude three, 'En la Pecera' is like a cooling sorbet between courses, allowing you to gather your senses for the final act of the album. 'Here We Go Again' (Ft Isabel Canjura) was the title track of Hentze's debut single on Plasma Torus, and works a treat in it's place on the album. 'Watercolours' has swung hip-hop groove that that'll work the club as well as the headphones, its powerful, accomplished and very cool. Watch out for that double-time switch up!

    We finish on 'Ayahuasca (Interlude),' letting us down slowly from what is ultimately a glorious, bitter-sweet masterpiece of an album from Alex Hentze.

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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