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Airscape - Now & Then

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    Disc: 1
    1. Airscape - My Love (With Jes)
    2. Airscape - L Esperanza (Original Mix)
    3. Airscape - Faith
    4. Airscape - Pacific Melody
    5. Airscape - Feel Alive Like I Do (Jennifer Hershman)
    6. Airscape - Cruising (Scape Mix)
    7. Airscape - Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow
    8. Airscape - Sosei
    9. Airscape - Certification
    10. Airscape - Amazon Chant (Neverending Original Mix)
    11. Airscape - Saints LTD
    12. Airscape - Airscape
    13. Airscape - Airscape
    15. Airscape - Airscape
    14. Airscape - Airscape

    Airscape has been rocking your world with quality releases ever since 1992, when one of the finest icons in the trance landscape, Johan Gielen, cultivated a new project and conquered the dance floors with his energetic productions. Between 1992 and 1995, Airscape was nurtured by Gielen in conjunction with Chris Inger, who slam dunked the scene with tracks such as Plaisir D'Ete and Cruising. In 1995, mega producer Sven Maes joined Airscape which gave the project a whole new lease on life. Successful releases such as Pacific Melody, L'Esperanza and Sosei - still considered as all time trance classics - were not only supported by the aristocracy of world DJ's, but also found their way onto a pile of global compilations with sales exceeding millions of copies combined.

    Many a DJ seems to think that having the ability of mixing two records will bring instant stardom. Johan Gielen doesn't belong to that breed: Belgian Dutchman Johan Gielen singlehandedly put the A in the "Art of DJ-ing”, showing his worldwide audience that being a DJ is not only about seamlessly mixing one track into another, but that the Art of DJ-ing had to incorporate a certain amount of genuine showmanship. His presence on stage, his interaction with the crowd, his undying love for quality music and his mixing abilities, combined with a tremendous drive, makes Johan Gielen one of the true pioneers of trance music going back as far as the early nineties.

    In no time, Johan Gielen claims a two year residency at Tokyo's finest venue Velfarre, played the biggest venues of the world and appeared in every line-up of ruling festivals and clubs like Dance Valley, Sensation White, Sunrise Festival, The Government, Space, Godskitchen and many more. Up to this day, Johan Gielen remains the only artist who performed fifteen times in succession on the prestigious Trance Energy event.

    Since 2005, the Airscape project took a firm break when Sven Maes left the project but as of 2009, it was Johan Gielen personally who resurrected Airscape and injected it with a fresh focus complimented with the brand new Airscape release "My Love” featuring US vocalist JES, released late 2009 through Black Hole Recordings.

    This single is now followed by the highly anticipated release of Airscape's album Now & Then on which Johan Gielen reunites with Sven Maes joining forces with talented producers like Cor Fijneman, Ben Huibregts, Daniel Wanrooij and Mark Green. With the addition of established vocalists such as JES and Jennifer Hershman and fresh crispy clear productions, you have an undiluted album in your hands, fusing both Airscape as they invaded the ninetees with Airscape 2.0: the old to the new, extended with Airscape classics in revamped mixes by nonetheless than Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Alex O'Rion.

    Whether you're a supporter of old school trance or a new school trance aficionado, if you're into the genre, this is an album absolutely not be missed

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