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African Garden

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    Disc: 1
    1. Abdullah Ibrahim - Ishmael
    2. L'Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio - Sahara Blues
    3. Baaba Maal - Kowoni Maayo (Mi Yeewnii)
    4. Coumba Gawlo - Djessy
    5. Tinariwen - Aldhechen Manin
    6. Mariem Hassan - Magat Milkitna Dulaa
    7. Boubacar Traoré - Horonia
    8. Sam Tshabalala - Meadowlands
    9. Nathalie Makoma - You
    10. Sonja Kandels - Iruanjadé
    11. Adesa - Tschi Kuli
    12. Ismael Wonder - Doni Doni
    13. Julian Jacob feat. Rachid Taha - Jacob
    14. Seydina Insa Wade - Samme
    15. Kumba Sira Koita - Aye To
    16. Rukiza Okera - Khadija
    17. Erkin Arslan - Africana
    18. Kunta Kinta - Occitan' Africa
    19. Herman Tladi - Noyana
    Disc: 2
    1. Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gad Salim - Gua
    2. Garth Taylor - La Da Da
    3. Dr. Alban feat. Leila K - Hello Africa
    4. Magic System - Bouger Bouger
    5. Meiway feat. Kojo Antwi - Koundoum Beat
    6. Ismaila Oussou Nije - Noou-Yoou Oussou Njie (Salaam Alekum)
    7. Shaluza Max - Mangase (Zulu Stomping Remix)
    8. Africanism ft Jacob Desvarieux - Sye Bwa
    9. Nyanyo Addo - Unwritten Speech (Arabprod. Rmx)
    10. Rebel Bit - Afro Out
    11. Acid Queen feat. Sisi Kwa Sisi - Digital DJ's (Usinikera)
    12. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Quitte Le Pouvoir
    13. Patrice - Soulstrom
    14. Pee Froiss - Combattants Pour La Paix
    15. Bantu feat. Ayuba - How Real (Can A Real, Real Be)
    16. Mory Kanté - Mama
    17. Bernard Mayo feat Daddy Freddy - Dis-Moi Qui Tu Es
    18. Hakim & Mouss - Le Hak Et Le Mouss
    19. Locomondo - 100 Afro

    To introduce such a gigantic continent like African music wise to some extent, probably not even a dozen double-compilation would

    be enough. It is almost impossible to present the variety of musical traditions and all the hybrid forms, that are developed day

    by day in the metropolis of Africa.

    Turkish rooted Radio-DJ Gülbahar Kültür from Germany (Funkhaus Europa/Cologne/Germany) did not step into the trap of presenting

    the naive-idealized reflection of African continent as the typical European view.

    ‚African Gardenš is not one of those old-fashioned afrocentric retro-compilations, but both CDs give an image of the whole music-

    cosmos in Africa by their exemplary tracks.

    We donÙt try to structure the geographical, musical and historical diversity and complexity in African music, instead of this the

    listeners are confronted with the whole energy of the musical variety of a continent. Next to the classics (Baba Maal, Boubacar

    Traore, Mory Kante, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Rachid Taha), you are introduced to many good singers, some of them only famous in their

    homeland; e.g. Kumba Sira Koita, Nathalie Makoma, Mariem Hassan or Coumba Gawlo.

    While the first CD (Black Pearls) of the double-album is quite contemplative with e.g. Abdullah Ibrahim or Tinariwen, the second

    CD (Crazy Afrocholics) represents the young and wild with Emmanuel Jal the hiphop-star from Sudan, Magic System from the Ivory

    Coast, Pee Froiss one of the first rap formations in Senegal, or Shaluza Max a famous Kwaito artist from South Africa.

    Young exile-africans also have a place in this selection, like e.g. Julien Jacob, Patrice, Bantu or Nyanyo Addo. We also did not

    forget the artists that do not have their roots in Africa, but know exactly where the historic source of almost every modern

    music-style can be found: in Africa. Top DJÙs like Bob Sinclair & DJ Gregory from Paris belong to that group as well as the band

    Locomondo from Athens, Acid Queen from Sweden, the project Rebel Bit from Italy or Erkin Arslan from Turkey.

    The track that you wouldn™t expect to meet is definitely ‚Hallo Africaš by Dr. Alban & Leila K., a massive hit from the year 1993.

    Itâ„¢s on purpose to wallow you in nostalgia you just have to smile about this. This fun should be permitted.

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