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Ad Brown - Something For The Pain

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    Disc: 1
    1. Ad Brown - Ready and Waiting (With Hannah Ray)
    2. Ad Brown - More (With Tess)
    3. Ad Brown - Thrive (With Stan Kolev)
    4. Ad Brown - Run To You (Feat. Antonia Lucas)
    5. Ad Brown - Tears
    6. Ad Brown - Sorry
    7. Ad Brown - Pulse (With Shawn Mitiska)
    8. Ad Brown - Something For The Pain (Feat. Renee Six)
    9. Ad Brown - Up All Night (With Steve Kaetzel)
    10. Ad Brown - Al I Need
    11. Ad Brown - Been a While
    12. Ad Brown - Like The Sunrise (With Steve Kaetzel)
    13. Ad Brown - Lie Away (With Hannah Ray)
    14. Ad Brown - Tongith (With Mango & Kerry Leva)
    15. Ad Brown - When The Stars Collide (With Frida Hernask)

    The last few years have seen composer, producer, DJ and A&R man Ad Brown keep the EDM

    universe supplied with a steady flow of highly polished, broad-span-appealing electronic music.

    Locking on to the beneath-the-surface magnetism of his productions, an ever-increasing

    directory of world-class DJs have rallied to his sound. Now the young Londoner is ready to step

    centre stage with the release of his debut long-player. Over a scrupulously edited collection of

    music, he matches his own inimitable production stylings - that of a cooler, more cultured house, trance & more with an attuned ear for memorable, accessible lyrics and engaging vocals. If you're starting to feel an itch or twitch for music with less glitch, it's time to take… 'Something For The Pain'!


    Brown took the album decision whilst on a travel sabbatical, journeying around the Asia and theSouth Pacific and commenced its production the week of his return. Many months in the making (“close to 30” says Brown), and condensed down from over a 100 demos, concepts and ideas to 14 pristine refined productions, Ad's first album collection is finally here.


    On its completion he stated: “I feel there is a 'too soon' and a 'too late' for a first artist

    album to arrive. It falls at a different point for every producer, but this feels like a good

    time for me. 'Something For The Pain' has taken no small amount of blood, sweat and

    tears to get sounding exactly the way I wanted it. Its also taken time, but as the saying

    goes 'the devil is in the detail' and I wouldn't have had its production any other way. I am

    thoroughly delighted to finally be on the eve of the album's release.”

    'Something For The Pain' embarks with the spacious redolent chill of 'More' and its lead-out

    single, 'Ready And Waiting'. Through their verses and choruses, vocalists Hannah Ray and

    Tess instil an epic nature to the songs, thawing the productions' cooler edges and bringing heat

    and harmony to the album's overture.

    Championed by Ferry Corsten, most recently on his Once Upon A Night 4' album, 'Thrive' begins

    to hardwire more driving, floor-facing tones into 'Something For The Pain's system. Co-produced

    alongside Miami studio-head Stan Kolev, the pair incorporate a grooving feel-good bassline

    nature, tying it idiosyncratically to cool trance-progressive tones. 'Tears' meanwhile is a rare

    instrumental from Brown. Basing itself around a chiming xylophonic leadline, it deals complex

    yet memorable note movements.

    Hung off resonating piano notes, reverberant stormy FX (recorded in Indonesia during his

    travels) and drum-free immersion, 'Sorry's half-whispered/half-sung lyrics, deliver 'Something's

    midpoint interlude. It's an ephemeral rest-up though as 'Pulse' (produced alongside stateside

    Shawn Mitiska) plunges into big, sonic tubular mainlines, bringing greater force and stridence to

    the album.

    The trance-toned, Kerry Leva sung 'One More Night' and the transposing riffs and ever-exacting

    production of 'All I Need' deliver the album some of its most uplifting moments. 'Been A While'

    brings further contrast through its classic Chicago house themes, whilst vocalist Arielle Maren

    infuses both list and lament on 'Like The Sunrise'. 'Lie Awake' again highlights Ad's innate ability

    to pair catchy vocals (Hannah Ray again) with accessible productions, while 'Tonight' gifts the

    album its pensive, touching, poignant dénouement.

    Across 14 advanced-beyond-his-years pieces of music, Ad Brown delivers a flawless first album.

    Flush with lyrical depth, an inspiring lack of cliché, vocal turns from class-of-tomorrow

    singer/songwriter talent and cornered around his precocious, hyper-polished studio work,

    'Something' is a blueprint for a debut album.

    If you need an antidote to the quantity-over-quality EDM tide, 'Something For The Pain's likely it.

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